Erasmus+ Programme, KA107

Staff Mobility for Teaching/Staff Mobility for Training

Rules and criteria for Applicants – valid for academic year 2018/19


  1. Organization of the Staff Mobility, concerning both teaching (STA) and training (STT) mobilities must follow rules and regulations of the Inter-Institutional Agreement, duly signed between University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (WSPA) and Higher Education Institution (HEI) from Partner Country, before the mobility takes place.


  1. Inter-Institutional Agreement has to be valid for the year, in which mobility period is planned and takes place (both STA and STT).


  1. The HEIs from Partner Countries have to have the valid Personal Identification Code (PIC).


  1. Recommended duration of the mobility – 5 days, excluding travel days.


  1. Concerning STA mobility, the teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week. Criteria for candidates: Staff Mobility Agreement should be signed and accepted by all three parties (participant, sending university and receiving university) before the mobility, as well as the assessment of content quality of mobility program should be carried out. Merit quality of mobility programme should be assessed by evaluating: overall objectives of the mobility, added value of the mobility, content of the teaching programme, expected outcomes and impact of mobility.


  1. Eligible participants both for STA and STT are: staff working in a Partner Country HEI that holds the valid Inter-Institutional Agreement with WSPA.


  1. Number of EU-funded mobilities is restricted and based on the grant amount received by the WSPA and its distribution within each call announced by the National Agency (in Poland – FRSE).


  1. The main aims of the Erasmus+ mobility should be active participation and fulfillment of the mutually approved mobility program, that will take place in the Receiving Institution, in order to exchange experience, increase: internationalization, personal and professional skills as well as qualifications connected with work and responsibilities taken at the Home Institution.


  1. Evaluation criteria:

–          adequacy of the proposed training or teaching programme to the main aims of the Erasmus+ mobility,

–          aspect of details and topics covered in the proposed programme,

–          level of English or Polish (min. level required for STT – B2, for STA – C1).


  1. All applications will be evaluated by 3-person evaluation team of:

–          Head of the International Office,

–          Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator,

–          Director of Center for Programs in English (applicable for STA/STT) or Dean/Deputy-Dean for particular study program (applicable for STA) or particular Head of Department (applicable for STT)


  1. Application deadlines:

–          15th of June

–          30th of September


  1. Application results will be announced within 2 weeks. Each Applicant will receive written information about the result, and in case of denial, explanation concerning reasons of the decision. Applicant has 14 days to appeal from a decision, on In the situation, where there is as many places for EU-funded mobility as Partner HEIs, there will be one place per one Partner HEI assigned to create equal chances for taking part in the Erasmus+ mobility. If by the second deadline there will be none Applicant from  some of the Partner HEIs, the place will be available for Applicant from another Partner HEI, who received the highest score after evaluation.


  1. Documents required from each Participant (to be filled in and delivered in original before mobility stars):

–          WSPA’s Application Form

–          Staff Mobility Agreement for Training or Teaching

–          Grant Agreement


  1. At the end of the mobility period (or at the latest within 2 weeks after it (if any unexpected situation occurs), each Participant will receive the Certificate, that confirms realization of the Erasmus+ mobility program at the WSPA.


  1. Grant support for the mobility of Staff (both STA and STT), that each Participant will receive as a contribution to costs for travel and subsistence during the period abroad will be transferred to the bank account stated in the Grant Agreement. The 70% of financial support will be paid in one of three possible ways stated in the Grant Agreement – to be chosen by each Participant. Remaining 30% of financial support will be paid after mobility take place and online EU Survey will be submitted. Transfer will be done within 3 weeks from the day of delivering the last required document needed to finalize the mobility.


  1. The total grant contribution to the travel costs is calculated automatically on the basis of travel distance ( Amount of an individual support from Partner Country to Poland is 140EUR per day of training/teaching mobility (excluding travel days). Total amount of the grant is calculated by the Mobility Tool.