Jesteś studentem III roku, znasz angielski na poziomie B2 i chcesz być częścią międzynarodowego zespołu tworzącego multidyscyplinarny projekt?

W takim razie zgłoś się i spędź wiosenny semestr za granicą w ramach programu Erasmus+!

European Project Semester poszukuje studentów do udziału w 6 interesujących projektach w Antwerpii (Belgia)!

Since we experienced our European Project Semester as a very interesting and multidisciplinary way to organize our Erasmus exchange during the spring semesters, much appreciated by both the participating students and the sponsors (companies, public services, social and cultural organizations, research groups etc.), we will organize it for the eighth time under the banner of AP University College Antwerp.

Therefore we would like to invite your students to apply for 6 multidisciplinary project proposals that can be found on

Our European Project Semester offers international and interdisciplinary projects for students with various study backgrounds such as:

  • ICT-electronics and Applied informatics
  • Graphical and digital/multimedia design
  • Digital arts and entertainment – game development
  • Product development
  • Teacher training (pre-primary, primary and/or secondary education)
  • Social work
  • Socio-educational Care work
  • Cross media design
  • Communication management
  • Event management
  • Marketing, Market research, Product placement
  • Journalism
  • Business management, Business development
  • Photography
  • Fine arts

Your interested students can apply till Wednesday, November 1 2017 for the spring semester of this academic year (February to June 2018) The sooner they apply and – more important – the stronger their strengths and motivation, the more likely it will be that they can participate to the project of their choice. Not later than Wednesday, November 15 2017 they will receive a confirmation if they have been selected.

A brief summary about our EPS formula: EPS stands for European Project Semester and it is a problem & project based exchange in the framework of Erasmus+. It’s a unique way to organize English lectures of project supportive courses – such as project management, team building & cross cultural exploration, entrepreneurial skills, cross media communication, digital innovation and usability – for 10 ECTS credits, which are immediately applied in a multidisciplinary real life project in close collaboration with industry, cultural and social organizations and research groups for 20 ECTS, which brings us to 30 ECTS in total for the whole EPS program.
For students who are native English or Dutch speakers, there is a special additional assignment related to their study background, which substitutes the English or Dutch grammar classes.

You can find more information about our 6 project proposals for the spring semester of 2018 on:

More general information on our European Project Semester can be found on: and/or

Can you please forward this e-mail to the responsible colleague for international coordination of your outgoing students, if it isn’t you?

In case you have any further questions please let me know.

Looking forward to welcome your students in Antwerp during next spring semester!

Kind regards,

AP International office

Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool –
Erasmus code: B  ANTWERP62