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Choose one of the modern specialization:
  • Politics and social research +
    The specialization gives you an opportunity to gain knowledge and practical skills in many fields, for example: management of public policies, diagnosis of social problems, research methods, project management and solving social problems of the modern world (f.ex. counteracting social exclusion). Students are prepared to develop theoretical solutions independently and apply them in practice. Acquired knowledge can be used in public life mostly in units dealing with social issues at the local level, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and opinion polling centres or research companies. The study program is a response to the constantly growing demand for employees who are able to: initiate and undertake activities for the integration and activation of the local environment; promote entrepreneurial attitude and support the creation of civil society.
  • Marketing, Advertising and New Media +
    Specialization enables to acquire comprehensive knowledge in the field of marketing and modern promotion tools, including advertising (press, radio and television). A qualified team of didactics practitioners prepares students for work in marketing (professional management of customer relations, developing of reports and analysis necessary to determine further strategies, effective self-presentation and image management). Studies at WSPA allow to acquire unique competences necessary on the modern labor market. By choosing the Marketing, Advertising and New Media specialization students gain substantive and practical knowledge, including the areas of marketing; branding; customer relationship management; press, radio and television advertising; new media; ethics and advertising psychology.
  • Personal and Professional Counseling +
    Graduates of the specialization are prepared to provide professional support in the field of career and education planning; find solutions in solving difficulties on the labor market; desig and implement vocational counseling programs depending on the needs of the recipients.The aim of this specialization is, first and foremost, to prepare skilled professionals who could work in labor market institutions, non-governmental organizations, educational and training institutions. Alternative way for graduates to start their professional career is opening their own businesses related to conducting private consulting services f.ex. individual business counseling.

University Staff

University didactic staff at Sociology are qualified professionals