Tuition fees

From 900 € per semester!
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Choose one of the modern specialization:
  • Company Management +
    Graduates of Company Management specialization obtain knowledge in the fields of business design, business models creation, marketing strategies and building relationsh with customers, enterprise resource planning, production and financial management, as well as effective negotiations techniques.
  • Human Assets Management +
    Within the famework of this specialization a student obtains thorough knowledge, competences and skills in the field of effective human resources management and use of its potential. The graduate are able to build personal strategies, recruit and build a team. Graduates know how to awaken initiative, creativity and commitment in of employees. Students get to know modern methods of motivating and evaluating employees and they find out how to convince employees to change, make negotiations and resolve conflicts.
  • Real Estate Valuation +
    After completing the education the graduate receives a diploma along with a certificate confirming completion of the postgraduate program of real estate valuation. This means acquiring knowledge and skills which enable to take a state „property appraiser” examination only after passing the professional internship. As a result, the process of preparation for the profession is shortened by 1 year which brings some financial benefits.

University Staff

University didactic staff at Management are qualified professionals