Places for Active Leisure and Entertainment in Lublin

Lake Zemborzycki in Lublin – an artificial lake/reservoir and the biggest recreation area in Lublin. Students can choose from the long list of attractions such as Sunny Wrotków Vacation Centre with swimming pools, water playgrounds, waterskiing, rope and mini-golf courses. You can sunbathe on the beach, rent water transport equipment, canoeing, fish, sail or just swim. The Lake Zemborzycki is surrounded with a cycle lane which make it perfect for cycling. Not only in summer but also in winter the Lake offers many attractions. When frozen-over, it is used by anglers, skaters and a cross-country skiing tracks are prepared.

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Lublin Horse Riding Club – it is situated around the Bystrzyca river meadows in Lublin. The club offers horse riding school, equestrian tournaments, hippotherapy etc.  There is also another club – academic horse riding club situated on the Lublin city boarders. There are horse-riding expeditions around Lublin Region organized as well.

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“Globus” Sport and Entertainment Arena – this sports complex is the place with health and beauty salons, fitness club, martial art clubs and amusement park. Inside the “Globus” there are many various sport championships organized such as of  woman handball, basketball, hockey etc. Moreover, this Arena is also occasionally used for entertainment purposes e.g. concerts, musicals, on-ice performances etc.

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“Globus” Ski with Snowpark – situated next to the “Globus” Sport and Entertainment Arena. It is modernly equipped area with all facilities needed for skiing and snowboarding.

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Lublin Motocross Club – it is situated within Lublin boarders, near Lake Zemborzycki. It offers motocross raceway and various motocross events together with National Motocross Championships.

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