General info about accommodation possibilities in Lublin:

The most popular option is sharing room with other student or students – rental price is the cheapest then. Single rooms are available both in student houses and private appartments, however, you must be prepared for higher price.

It is common to pay deposit in advance while renting room/flat – it is usually amount of one or two months’ rent, and at the end, if no damage is made, the deposit is returned into your bank account. If deposit is required, you have to pay it order to confirm reservaion and keep the chosen room/flat.

Below you may find links to dormitories with information about various types of rooms, prices, rental codtitions and contact emails.



Private flats:

The prices range from 100 EUR to 250 EUR per month depending on the standard, location and distance from the university.

Possibilities of short-term accommodation if needed:

Hostels in Lublin: