Dear Students, we are organising some integrative and informational events before start of new semestr to enable you staying and studing in Poland

7 of March (Tuesday) 12.00-13.30 room 220 Homo Faber Foundation 
 legal and social daily functioning of foreigners in Poland

8 of March (Wensday) 10.00 – 15.00 International Day

presentations and lectures about  cultures, marketing and many more presented by profesors from different countries around the world

9 of March (Thursday) 11-12 room 224

How to Deal with Culture Shock – meeting with Patrycja – multi-culture Specialist about cultural and mental differences beetwen all of us

(Traditional Polish Snake provided! J )

10 of March (Friday) 12.00

Student’s trip to Castle Muzeum in Lublin

So See you soon!